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KNOWIT is focus on  to operate online fashion platform featuring independent designers. We are committed to providing shoppers with high quality,original,diversified,exclusive fast-fashion products such as clothing,accessories,shoes,handbags,etc. from independent designers.

By cooperation with fashion designers  from all over the world,and combining  them with our diversified , high quality productions and digital marketing capability,we will make their originality to come true by providing fast-fashion to clients worldwide.

What we are different from others?Compared to other normal and traditional shopping stores,our platform would like to trend to create a community which will be shared by both designers and clients.The community will enable all parties to communicate,share ideas,and recognize each other.It would not only provide instant feedback for designers when launching new concepts or productions,but also allow clients to share their experience and original opinions.Otherwise,we will propose independent designers' information and story,which were no longer felt hidden behind the brand.Our goal is to empower designers and the direct process that communication between customers and designers.

We believe productions should tend to be diversified and personal,as well we gather designers and fashion cover personalized styles.We hope that everyone will find their own exclusive and unique designer production at KNOWIT.

At KNOWIT, we believe that every client should sincerely take pleasure from Designers Around US.

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